Phillip Prado

"Poetry and Other Musings" by Phillip Prado

This is who I am. Miasma fills my asthma lungs; The cruel and wicked things I breathe. The aura, The effluvia, And all the sinful things I've seen. You'll never know the things I've seen.

Dear Planet Death, I am ready for the nothing, The eternal void, The impossible continuum. But, before I do, My Love, Lie bare with me and bear the sleep. Infest my mind with the sound of your lungs breathing deeply. Teach my heart earnest love and touch and warmth. Impose your relief and instill your comfort in me. I am ready for peace When we become one.

Truth is wider than the sky. It's deeper than the sea It's older than forever An eternity of searching An idea worth holding That's all there is for us.

Let go the rest — the rest you seek Just rest your head, and lie with me. Look to the sky, and take a breath. That's all you can do for now.

Sunbeams fall Cascade upon your skin In the world between skin and cloth Creation sings of flesh and bone

“It's going to be ok” means a lot coming from someone you know has never believed it before.

Skin like silk, it bleeds the truth The booming lights and the all consumed A sickness that beckons me to touch To hold To kiss To stroke To crush. I want to share your heart with no one Not even you.

Cornfields in Autumn. The prairies in Spring. A place to rest my head. It's a heartbeat shy of peace, And an ocean shy of love.

Reality is but what we perceive to be real Prove to me that it is anything more Prove to me that it is anything less

I don't want to hurt you. But I don't want to let you go. And I don't want to kiss you. Because then you'll see that I am bluffing; That I'm hiding; That my skin crawls when I think about forever.

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